St. Charles and Dover United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 18, 2019
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

Pastor's Reflection

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 

We are so excited and happy to be in St. Charles & Dover. We are officially moved in! There are boxes everywhere, but all the essentials are unpacked, and the remaining boxes will slowly get emptied as time permits. We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to get the parsonage ready for us in such a short time, between Pastor Heather and Gary moving out and us moving in. 

In the short time I have been with you, it has struck me how loving and caring you all are! Transitions can be stressful in many ways: the not knowing how well it will work out when one pastor leaves and a new one comes, much to do in a short time getting the parsonage ready, accommodating a different schedule with me being bi-vocational and split between here and the Twin Cities, and so on. But through all of it, you have welcomed us with open arms and cared for us. Thank you! 

Please join us in August for Danish Kringle and coffee at the parsonage. The details are listed in the newsletter. I am hoping this will give us the opportunity to get to know each other better and frankly, just to enjoy some Kringle. 

Confirmation classes will resume in October (details are in the newsletter). Please let me know If your son or daughter will be joining us or if there is someone you would like me to contact about joining our confirmation class. 

Interested in a Bible/Book Study? If so, please let me know which of the following options would work in your schedule: 

    • Thursday evening
    • Saturday afternoon
    • Sunday afternoon 

Grace, love and peace, 

Pastor Cyndy